Gatineau Cleansing 14 day Trial Kit

Gatineau Cleansing 14 day Trial Kit

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Product Description:

This targeted 14-day trial leaves skin feeling clean, soothed and refreshed. The perfect trio of best-selling products for removing every day eye make-up and impurities, minimising pores and restoring balance to the skin.

This set Includes:

Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 50ml: wonderfully cooling and refreshing non-oil formula is highly effective, quickly dissolving and removing every day make-up and impurities. Floracil is extremely gentle with the same pH as tears; which means, no stinging, irritation or puffiness!

Gentle Silk Cleanser 50ml and Gentle Silk Toner 50ml: powerful combination of Silk and Cotton Extracts aid in dissolving all traces of make-up and impurities whilst improving skin elasticity to leave you feeling soft and comfortable. Power packed with Sweet Almond Oil, your skin is left feeling nourished and feeling soft and supple. Key Ingredients: Silk Extracts, Cotton Extracts and Sweet Almond Oil.

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