Linda Meredith Oxygen Masks (3 x 20ml)
Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith Oxygen Masks (3 x 20ml)

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Linda Meredith Oxygen Masks (3 x 20ml) are active firming masks, rich in vitamins.

Oxygen Masks by Linda Meredith are professional products that can now be used as part of your home care regime. Carried by a medical cotton veil to ensure optimum penetration the oxygen serum will deliver immediate results. Hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan visibly plump and firm the skin. Vitamins and green tea leave the skin looking radiant. Paraben free the mask can be used once a week as an intensive treatment or if the skin needs a boost for that special occasion.

Once the mask is applied to the face there should be no restriction in movement, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes until the cotton veil begins to dry and then remove. Apply any remaining serum from the packet over the entire face and neck including the eye area. If the skin is extremely de-hydrated apply LM2 over the same areas

Directions For Use:

• Completely clean your face.

• Deploy and apply the Linda Meredith oxygen mask on your clean face.

• Let the mask applied for 15 or 20 minutes.

• Remove the cotton veil and massage the skin with excess of product to make it penetrate.


For the world traveller this is a perfect inflight booster.

Used once a week as part of your home care regime or before that special occasion.

To help reduce the appearance of fine lines or applying to mature skin add a thin layer of V-Tox under the Oxygen mask for instant results.

Once the mask has dried remove and apply the remainder of the oxygen serum left in the sachet over the entire face and neck including the eye area.

Oxygen serum leaves a fine residue on the surface of the skin revealing a natural glow. The same effect can be achieved every day with LM2.


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