Crystal Clear Body Firm Complex (200ml)
Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Body Firm Complex (200ml)

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Show Cellulite a Firm Hand.

Use this daily body care regime to bring you a step closer to the perfect body you desire.

Body Firm Complex uses a new draining and infiltration process to actively increase microcirculation which drains swollen tissue and increases skin tone. Centella Asiatica increases metabolic activity and caffeine increases energy inside the fat cells to restructure the skin and reduce cellulite.

Incredibly effective, it is a joy to use with stimulating menthol providing a cooling feel.

Size: 200ml


  • Increases skin tone
  • Drains swollen tissue
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Powerful scientific ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types

About the Body Solutions Range

Body Solutions is the Crystal Clear three-step plan to keep your body looking its very best.

These at-home body care products firm, nourish, buff and protect skin to perfection. Use all three Body Solution skin care products in conjunction for startling results including smooth, firm skin and reduced cellulite.

Using science based ingredients at high percentages and crushed precious stones, all Body Solutions skin care are formulated within a patented natural preservative system.

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