Crystal Clear Oxygen Serums (5 x 5ml)
Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Oxygen Serums (5 x 5ml)

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Crystal Clear Oxygen Serums combine very specific and unique ingredients to breathe new life into tired skin. Oxygen Serums smoothe facial lines and wrinkles and leave skin deeply rejuvenated, hydrated and oxygenated.

Benefits of Crystal Clear Oxygen Serums:

  • 10 day home treatment.

  • Helps rebuild and firm the skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles

  • Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin

  • Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level, speeding up the mitosis of the skin cells and helping in the healing process

  • Reverses the damage caused by free radicals

  • Perfect for spot prone skin due to the anti-bacterial effects of oxygen


  • Apply Oxygen Serums to a cleansed face each evening for a period of 10 days.

  • Use half a tube and apply to the entire face.

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