Gatineau White Plan Skin Lightening Softening Toner 150ml

Gatineau White Plan Skin Lightening Softening Toner 150ml

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Gatineau Whitening Softening Toner helps to reduce the production of pigmentation and lightens the complexion of your skin. Your skin will feel moisturised, protected and soothed from this softening toner formula

Gatineau Paris is the leading French skin care brand. Acknowledged by industry professionals for its expertise and innovative, ground breaking skincare methods, Gatineau Paris is always at the leading edge of technology.


  • Melanin clearance factor (arbutin, zinc copper, vitamins A, C, E and F and magneisum) to help neutralise the production of melanin

  • Hyaluronic acid moisturise

Designed for:

Directions of Use:

- Apply onto cotton pads and apply to face morning and night

Behind the brand
One of France's premium beauty brands, Gatineau is renowned by industry experts for its expertise and use of cutting-edge technology. It combines science and nature to help achieve the very best results for your skin.

Gatineau was founded in France in the 1930s by Mme. Jeanne Gatineau, who opened her first beauty salon in Paris in 1937. She believed that with Gatineau any woman, no matter what her age, could achieve a beautiful complexion

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