Guerlain Mitsouko Eau De Toilette (50ml)

Guerlain Mitsouko Eau De Toilette (50ml)

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Mitsouko is a classic scent from Guerlain, concocted originally in 1919. Mitsouko contains notes of rose, bergamot, and jasmine to begin the perfume; a heart of ylang ylang, jasmine, peach, and lilac; and vetiver, amber, cinnamon, and oakmoss to round out the sultry scent.

Manufacturer's Description: Mitsouko is a homage to the heroine of 'La Bataille', the novel by Claude Farrare. It is the story of an impossible passion: Mitsouko, a beautiful Japanese woman and the wife of Admiral Togo, is secretly loved by a British officer. In 1905, when war breaks out between Russia and Japan and both men head into battle, Mitsouko awaits with dignity the outcome of the war and who will return to take her hand, nobly overcoming her feelings.

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