Linda Meredith Hydrating Mist (50ml)
Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith Hydrating Mist (50ml)

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Linda Meredith Hydrating Mist is designed to instantly replace moisture loss after cleansing.

Hydrating Mist is an alcohol free lotion designed to instantly replace moisture loss after cleansing and is an essential product for every ones skin care collection. The difference with the LM Mist is that it contains a very high percentage of Hyaluronic Acid, which is why it was nick named by the press as “The key to the fountain of youth“ and along with Collagen and Elastin completes the trio that maintain youthful skin. It is also packed with therapeutic Essential Oils, Aloe Vera, Primrose and Pine extracts along with many other essential ingredients.


The cleansers are removed with water so there is no need for a toner to remove any excess product. To replace that second step, which for generations we have believed is necessary, we have designed a product to replicate that same feeling as a toner, but with added benefits. The Hydrating Mist contains high levels of Hyaluronic acid an important protein to support the structure of the skin much like collagen.

Also contains essential oils leaving the skin soft and dewy.

An essential part of our daily skin care regime after cleansing both morning and evening.

Cleanse and apply Linda Meredith Eye Gel , Linda Meredith LM1 and then spray with Hydrating Mist followed by your preferred LM products.

If the eyes are sensitive spray the Hydrating Mist into your hands and then apply avoiding the eye area.

Great to take to the beach when on holiday to top refresh the skin and top up moisture levels.

Gently spray over make-up in the office where heating or air-conditioning can de-hydrate the skin.

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