Linda Meredith Serum (30ml)
Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith Serum (30ml)

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Linda Meredith Serum is designed to repair, soothe and heal damaged skin.

Our body recognises ageing as damage to the tissue. Serum - Linda Meredith is designed to repair, soothe and heal any damage to the tissue and surface layers including scarring, breakouts and other irritations without leaving any residue on the surface of the skin. Serum is an essential part of the Linda Meredith range as it can be combined with almost any other product, adding a higher concentration of essential oils and Vitamins E & F to any of your preferred moisturisers. May be applied as a booster under your preferred cream or add a few drops directly into the cream before applying to the face. Can be used anytime throughout the year but especially effective in the winter months.


The word serum is used by different companies to describe a product that will absorb quickly into the skin. This may be in the form of oil or a fine gel. Good quality essential oils will completely absorb into the skin leaving no surface residue and have amazing healing properties.

Helps to heal scarring on acne skin when added to Phyto 4.

Add a small amount into any night cream as a booster.

Can be added into any day cream if the skin is very dry.

For very lined mature skin add three or four drops into V-Tox as a night treatment.

Add two drops into Amazon for easy application in cold weather.

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