Matis Reponse Delicate Sensibiotic Coffret (Serum & FREE Cream)
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Matis Reponse Delicate Sensibiotic Coffret (Serum & FREE Cream)

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The cocoon line for effective care even for the most sensitive and reactive skin. Adopt the skincare ritual for sensitive skin with Sensibiotic Serum, the anti-redness action serum, and Sensibiotic, the bioflora re-balancing care. 

Matis has dedicated the Sensibiotic Set to all women who have sensitive and reactive skin. Thanks to a concentrate of active ingredients, Sensibiotic-Serum and Sensibiotic are based on the microbiome, the first skin’s defense system. The skin is soothed, more resistant and relieved. The perfect combination of a serum and a treatment to bring softness and comfort to your face.


The serum for sensitive skin, anti redness.
It rebalances the ecosystem, reduces skin sensitivity and provides comfort. An
essential for sensitive skin with immediate soothing and deep action to reduce

The harmonizing care of bioflora for sensitive skin.
Based on the microbiome analysis, this harmonizing treatment rebalances the
bioflora and preserves the skin barrier.


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