Phyt's Fluide Protecteur SPF50

Phyt's Fluide Protecteur SPF50

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Phyt's Fluide Protecteur SPF50 is a High protection fluid that provides optimum protection against UV radiation.

• Its 100% natural filters of mineral origin perfectly protect sensitive or reactive skins.

• It contains sesame oil which strengthen UV protection.

• Shea butter and argan have a lipid-replenishing and anti-ageing action.

• The antioxidant property of vitamin E helps prevent premature skin ageing.

• Skin is protected from harmful effects of sun exposure and keeps supple and smooth thanks to the nourishing and restoring active ingredients.

Directions For Use:

Apply all over the face and sensitive areas (including scars). Pay particular attention to exposed areas like the nose and ears. Reapply frequently (every 2 hours) and after swimming.

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