Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel (148ml)
Xen Tan

Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel (148ml)

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' Revolutionary Magic Tan'

Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel (148ml) is often known as the 'Revolutionary Magic Tan'. This is because a clear gel is applied, which transforms into a deep golden tan within three hours.

Xen Tan Gold Gel is the first clear self tan gel and is the fastest drying and longet lasting formula. Xen Tan Luminous Gel contains gold shimmer flecks, that leaves your skin with a healthy, rich golden sheen.

Do you love Luminous Gold Gel?

  • Fasting drying self tan.

  • Longest lasting tan.

  • Iridescent sparkle leaving skin a healthy sheen.

  • Deep, golden tan.

  • Suitable for all skin types.

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