Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-age Face Serum (15ml)
Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata Tanning Anti-age Face Serum (15ml)

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For a natural-looking, customisable tan with anti-ageing benefits.

Designed to work with your existing skincare routine, the deeply hydrating formula helps fight the signs of ageing while gradually building a subtle tan with every application. Choose your bespoke result by mixing with your moisturiser for a sun-kissed glow or apply directly for a more bronzed glow. 

Directions For Use:

Add 1-8 drops of Self Tanning Anti Age Serum to your moisturiser for a bespoke natural-looking glow.  Mix and apply evenly to the face, neck and décolleté.       
As a guide, for a sun-kissed glow use 1-4 drops, for a bronze glow use 5-8 drops. 

For a darker result, apply drops directly to the face.

For optimum results, allow a minimum of 8 hours before cleansing. 

Wash hands thoroughly after application.


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