Bloom and Blossom Mother and Baby Oil 100ml
Bloom and Blossom

Bloom and Blossom Mother and Baby Oil 100ml

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Bloom and Blossom MOTHER AND BABY OIL has been specifically developed for pregnant women, new mothers and babies as part of our natural, chemical free skincare range. Our MOTHER AND BABY OIL seals in moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth. It is a 100% blend of natural plant oils - camomile flower oil to soothe and lavender oil to calm. Perfect for baby massage which should be an integral part of you and your baby’s daily routine and the perfect way for you to relax when applied by a friend or partner. Can be used on newborn babies.

How to Use: Use it after bathing for hydration and protection. For general massage use, pour a small amount of oil between your warm hands, lightly rub together and apply in gentle strokes to you and your baby's skin. To treat specific areas of dry skin, apply a small amount of oil to the affected area and leave to absorb.

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