Guerlain Jicky Parfum (30ml)

Guerlain Jicky Parfum (30ml)

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In 1889, Aimé Guerlain, the son of the House founder Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, created his first masterpiece, Jicky. A perfume so complex and so modern that it would be classified straightaway as “the first modern perfume”. It was the first composition specifically designated by the term “perfume”, and it was also perfumery’s first unisex fragrance.

Why the name Jicky? From his time studying in England, Aimé Guerlain kept the enamored memory of a young woman he called Jicky. By pure coincidence, the diminutive of Jacques was also Jicky.

The First Modern Perfume

Jicky represented a break with traditional perfumery: it marked a beginning of “emotive” perfumery, which no longer tried to copy the odor of flowers but instead aimed to stir the emotions. Thanks to Jicky, the creations that followed would have a real trail, tenacity and an interplay of unique facets. Jicky is the magical perfume that combines freshness and gaiety with soothing notes such as vanilla. The Jicky woman is spontaneous and dynamic; her style is natural and sporty. At the time of its creation, women may have found Jicky puzzling, but men adopted it immediately. Today, this fresh and vigorous fragrance is the delight of women and men alike. The bottle was inspired by 19th-century pharmacy bottles. Streamlined and sober, almost masculine, it is crowned with a stopper that recalls a champagne cork, a clever nod to parties and the sparkling woman who wears the fragrance.

Fragrance Description

Oriental chypre Fresh, dynamic, surprising Filled with contrasts and dualities, freshness and oriental notes, Jicky is a magical perfume that plays on the olfactory ambiguity between masculine and feminine. The subtle spicy notes that blossom with the usual warmth of the oriental facet also play skillfully with the fresh and aromatic notes of lemon and lavender at its heart. Underneath this audacious structure, one detects woody and vanilla notes for greater vibration and character.

Perfumer's Secret

Perfume, which is also called an Extract, is the most concentrated and therefore the most faithful version of a perfume. Created to be in osmosis with the skin, an Extract creates a unique alchemy upon contact with the skin and expresses itself differently on every woman. A few drops applied on the inside of the wrists and elbows, at the base of the neck, at the roots of the hair or in the hollow of the décolleté will reveal their presence with the movements of their wearer and the passage of time without ever becoming overpowering

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