Guerlain Jicky Parfum (30ml)

Guerlain Jicky Parfum (30ml)

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Spicy notes bloom from a warm ambery facet to play ingeniously against an aromatic, fresh heart filled with lemon and lavender notes. Meanwhile, woody vanilla notes bring bold structure and vibrating personality to the fragrance.

Sowing suspenseful seeds of seduction as she goes, Jicky mischievously plays with the ambiguity of her androgynous curves. Behind the figure of Jicky is a woman Aimé Guerlain fell in love with when studying in England. In paying homage to this youthful love affair, the perfumer created a scent so revolutionary that it was named the first modern perfume. Breaking with all masculine-feminine conventions, Jicky stuns with its radical play on contrasts. As its lemon-lavender, fougère accord breathes cold, its woody, vanilla notes bring warmth and character. Perplexing women and captivating men, it wasn’t long before Jicky was adopted by both, to be known forever as “emotion in a bottle.

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