Guerlain Mitsouko Parfum 30ml

Guerlain Mitsouko Parfum 30ml

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The perfume of mystery

Her name was Mitsouko. It means “mystery”, a mystery of tenderness and softness. She is this enigmatic, disarming and determined woman who accepts her destiny with the courage of the greatest heroines in literature. A masterpiece of balance, this mysterious perfume is made of spices and wood with subtly fruity accents. Its tonality is warm and sensual, it makes its presence known softly and embarks on a long story… One look at the Mitsouko bottle and more than ever one is struck by the modernity of its shape and the acuity of its lines. Each part that makes it up is cut in such a way as to possess its own beauty. Initially designed for L’Heure Bleue by Georges Chevalier and Baccarat, this beautifully pure bottle echoes the scrolls that are typical of Art Nouveau. The bottle’s graceful arabesques faithfully illustrate

Fruity chypre Mysterious, Balanced, Velvety A masterpiece of balance and originality, Mitsouko marries a fruity note of peach with jasmine flowers and May rose. The mysterious dry-down of the fragrance blends spicy notes with those of underbrush and vetiver.

Perfumer's Secret

Perfume, which is also called an Extract, is the most concentrated and therefore the most faithful version of a perfume. Created to be in osmosis with the skin, an Extract creates a unique alchemy upon contact with the skin and expresses itself differently on every woman. A few drops applied on the inside of the wrists and elbows, at the base of the neck, at the roots of the hair or in the hollow of the décolleté will reveal their presence with the movements of their wearer and the passage of time without ever becoming overpowering.

In 1919, the Great War was over, leaving France greatly changed. In this effervescent context, Europe was to discover an incredible infatuation with Japan and the culture of the far East. It was hardly a surprise, then, when Jacques Guerlain named his new creation “Mitsouko”, after the name of the heroine in the bestselling novel La Bataille, written by his friend Claude Farrère.

Mitsouko, a beautiful, married Japanese woman, secretly loves a British officer. In 1905 the Russo-Japanese war broke out, Mitsouko awaits with dignity the outcome of the battle, nobly dominating her feelings. It is a story that echoed the post-war context.

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