Linda Meredith NET-R (30g)
Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith NET-R (30g)

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Combat breakouts and blemishes


Net-R is Linda Meredith’s ultimate repairing cream that actively targets blemishes and balances the excessive production of oil. Packed with natural sugars and fruit acids it gently reduces the skins production of oil while exfoliating any damage to the skin’s surface. If you feel or see what may be the beginning of a breakout, NET-R will prevent it if used early. If the breakout has already started, Net-R will repair it quickly and stop the temptation to squeeze or pick a blemish which only delays the healing process.

An Essential – An essential home care product for every client looking to prevent the occasional breakout and achieve clearer, brighter skin.

Key Ingredients – Shea butter which contains natural vitamins A, E, F and fatty acids which nourish, moisturise and protect the skins natural oils. Bilberry fruit extract with its anti-oxidant properties helps to reverse cell damage caused by free radicals. BHA white willow extract acts as an anti-inflammatory, working on the surface of the skin and the pores. AHA’s sugar cane, sugar maple and sugar beet are used to exfoliate. Whilst fruit extracts orange and lemon are used to fight infection.

An Important TipNet- R actively dries out the skin. If the skin is already very dry and flaky, use NET 45 to nourish and soften the surface layers followed by Phyto 4 to help breakdown trapped sebum under the surface. Once the surface layer is normalised NET-R can be used to target specific areas.


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