Matis Corps Restructuring Stretch Mark Cream 200ml

Matis Corps Restructuring Stretch Mark Cream 200ml

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Strechmark cream

A formula exceptionally rich in restructuring and regenerating active ingredients. Plant extracts and a combination of 3 peptides work together to offer the skin a 'dream team' of weapons to fight stretch marks.

Promotes the reorganisation of the fibrillar network by increasing collagen synthesis and boosting fibrilline synthesis (molecule involved in the organisation of the elastic network).

A specific combination of 3 peptides helps to stimulate the repair of the extracellular matrix and inhibit the biochemical mechanisms that cause stretch marks to form.
For whom?

As a result of dramatic or slight changes in weight, theses mallines that appear on the body reflect the atrophy of the skin's elastic fibres.

Stretch marks affect one woman in four and can appear when the body s hormone balance is disrupted, such as during adolescence (when hormone levels weaken elastic and collagen fibres) or pregnancy.


Apply once or twice a day to the affected areas.

This product many be used on all skin types, at all ages and at different times of life (when the skin is subject to distension):

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