Phyt's Anti-Pollution Creme (40ml)

Phyt's Anti-Pollution Creme (40ml)

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Revitalising, Oxygenating moisturiser for dull stressed skin.

Specially formulated to protect the skin from environmental pollutants causing oxidative stress : pollution, tobacco UV...
Revitalising cream with synergetic effect of Brown Algae stimulating oxygenation and cell regeneration and Pink Pepper extract activating skin microcirculation. Powerful marine plant molecules are combined with chlorophyll to form a protective, anti-adhesion and invisible film against polluted environment.The skin is energised, hydrated and protected from the harmful effects of pollution, for more even complexion.

Directions For Use:

Apply Anti-Pollution Creme all over thoroughly cleansed face and neck area . For enhanced effect, apply Creme or Serum Anti-Pollution before.

• Vegan Friendly

• Not tested on animals

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