Rose & Caramel Velvety Dark Olive Self Tanning Foam (200ml)
Rose & Caramel

Rose & Caramel Velvety Dark Olive Self Tanning Foam (200ml)

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Achieve A Bespoke, Deep Olive Tan With Velvety Mousse. Combine Luxury Skin Care With Incredible Self Tan Results As This Elite Fast-Drying Formula Glides Over Your Skin Like Silk, Indulging Our Tailor-Made Hydration Technology.

This Revolutionary Self Tan Formula Is Created With Green Undertones To Eliminate Any Orange Tones During Development, Revealing The Darkest Olive Tan After Wash-Off.

Suitable For: Those With Warmer Skin Tones Wanting An Olive Glow

Development Time: 6 – 8 Hour

Directions For Use:

Using A Tanning Mitt Apply A Generous Amount Of Foam To The Mitt & Apply In Circular Motions

Take Extra Care Around Hands, Feet, Wrists & Knuckles, Buff These Areas Thoroughly After Application With The Excess Tan On The Mitt

A Little Of Rose & Caramel Self Tanning Mousse Goes A Long Way – Take This In To Consideration When Applying For The First Time, Always Try 1 Layer First To Gage How Dark You Go

Layering Of Our Tan Can Be Done To Get A Deeper, Darker Colour. Layering Can Be Done On The Same Day, Just Ensure Every Layer Is Dry Before Applying Your Next Coat. Alternatively Layering Can Be Done The Next Day

Note: Velvety Is Not A Transfer Free Product. Nudity Is Our Clear Tanning Range!

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