ZENii Clarifying Masque (100ml)

ZENii Clarifying Masque (100ml)

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ZENii Clarifying Masque

Dead sea mud is a unique type of mineral rich clay that is hugely beneficial for the skin. In dermatology Dead Sea Mud is known as the most superior and multi-functioning of the clays because it can detoxify, hydrate and rebalance the skin all at once. It is rich in potassium, magnesium and sodium and has been used for centuries for skin detoxification & therapy. In fact Dead Sea Mud contains 21 natural minerals, 12 of which are found exclusively in the Dead Sea. Minerals, like vitamins, are essential for your skin’s metabolism. Used in masques, Dead Sea mud helps draw out impurities and control excess oil (sebum) in the skin.

This masque also contains zinc oxide and glycolic acid. Zinc Oxide has been used in dermatology for years to help calm skin inflammation and help reduce sebum production. Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxyacid (AHA) that helps remove redundant skin cells and unwanted cellular debris.

This masque is a powerful tool for anyone with acne, excess oil, enlarged pores or dull skin that needs detoxification, rejuvenation or brightening.

•Mineral rich dead sea mud

•Glycolic acid and zinc oxide

•Oil and pore control

•Clinically proven to treat acne

•Clinically proven to treat blackheads, congestion and micro-comedones

•Exfoliates the skin to brighten and smooth


*Can be used in pregnancy for treating spots & hormone related breakouts. Use 2-3 per week.

Suitable for all skin types.



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